I'm Back!

Aren't these the most beautiful eggs? An old friend of the family posted these on her Facebook page, so I kinda borrowed the photo.Sherry just doesn't know it, yet. I want the chickens that laid these beauties!  Well, I thought I should show you something pretty before.........

I showed you this!

Yes, that is dirt! Not rust (guess that's good). This is tomorrows project.
Check back and see the after.I have no idea what that will be!


Verde Farm said...

Oh my gosh-I would pay big bucks for this wonderful chicken :) What beautiful eggs!! Can’t wait to see what you do with this.

Sea Angels said...

Gorgeous eggs and a fabulous cupboard and I love your banner.
Hugs Lynn xx

gillyflower said...

The decorated eggs are so pretty!
Be interested to see how the cabinet turns out - have fun with it!!