Just For You or Four of You!

I have a gift for 4 lucky followers!

                             I have a bunch of vintage Valentines and I'm giving them away.

If you would like a chance,just leave a comment. I will draw 4 names on Friday,Feb.3. You may ask, "why" am I giving these all away?
                                                              Because of this!
Sometimes we just accumulate too many things and they no longer seem special. You see this Valentine, was picked just for me by my little granddaughter last Valentines Day from the local antique shop.It's special,because lots of love came with it.She was so proud when she gave it to me. The others have no meaning for me,other than I want to share them with you and I truly love giving things away!


Come On In. It's Cozy In Here!

Welcome to Mom and Dads.Come on in.They won't mind!

I know Christmas is over.Just pretend like the decorations aren't here!

Isn't it homey?

I entertain the family with this antique organ! Nah!!!!

Though I've never lived in this house,it still feels like home.Maybe it's because I grew up with most of the many antiques in this house.

Couldn't you just curl up with a book in this corner? Yes Dad,I will take that cup of coffee!

I remember Dad buying Mom this lamp when I was a very young child. Seems as though it's always been  in my life.

I told you it was cozy. Thanks for stopping by!


Choir Girls Attack!

Aren't they innocent looking,singing in the church choir?

Hmmm......There were twenty carloers up there.That's strange!

This is very strange .Something just isn't right here!

The perpetrators perhaps? Lilly is that you posing as a paper doll? No, not my little angels.

How on earth did that paper doll get up there?

This isn't a misprint. Just more evidence.Not sure who's DNA is smeared on this mirror.

No way she could be guilty!

Definitely not her!

Perhaps looks are decieving?