Sweet Little Things

Isn't this little box just adorable?

It all started with a visit to http://www.thetoymaker.com/ . You will find the sweetest toys to make. I printed everything on card stock. This was meant to be a project for my granddaughters, but ended up being one for me and I enjoyed every second! Older children and us big kids will appreciate this site more than the little ones.You will even find sweet little boxes to make .

Fairy furniture, like the little sideboard and bed. A bug box and a red bird too! You won't believe all the things you can print and make.You just need scissors and glue! Hey, I'm a poet!!!

These sweet little paper dolls were found at http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/ .You can print them off in color or black and white. Maddie and Lilly really enjoyed this project. We added some glitter and skewers to the backs so they could be used as puppets. This site also has a ton of printable projects including Christmas.

Now go have some fun!

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Oh Christmas Tree & Giveaway !

I find something so magical about a Christmas tree. I don't especially care for decorating them so much,but love the end result. Today it seems like most of us strive to have a picture perfect tree. To be quite honest though my favorite trees are those of childhood with big colorful lights and strings of tinsel.Beautifully imperfect shaped trees!

If you missed my last post,I am having a giveaway. Make sure to check it out and get signed up to win. Also check out the giveaway at http://shabbyfrenchforme.blogspot.com/.


Giveaway !!!!!!

Just a little giveaway to start off this Christmas Season! Handmade by me! I just love to give the things I make away. Actually there are very few pieces I keep. By the time I finish them I have satisfied my creative need and am ready to see them go.

The winner will receive this framed canvas. I like to age a lot of my pieces,so you will find small holes and stains to give it character.

A book page wreath is also part of the prize. It has a vintage button and vintage ribbon. I try to use vintage supplies when ever possible.

Last but not least,a sequins and beaded tree ornament from a vintage pattern. I am also tucking in a couple other goodies!


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A winner will be chosen December 1st !


Just Plain Tired

Well...... I feel like burying my head,but I can't hold my breath very long. I'm sure I couldn't strike that pose! I guarantee you would not want that view of me,so I'll just get to the point. I promised I would have my giveaway posted tonite, But I'm just running a little "behind".Get it ? Behind? Sorry Duck, couldn't pass that one up!

Though I feel like a slimey old frog,I just couldn't quite pull it off for tonite. Sooooooooooo, It will be ready for tomorrow.
I'm hittin the sack early !


With a Little Help From Purina !

Every time I looked over at the curtain I posted yesterday,well I was just plain disappointed. I knew I had to improve upon it or throw it away! My mind churned this thing over and over again all day. Then suddenly out of nowhere it came to me. Purina ! Why Purina ? Be darned if I know! Maybe because I've been wishin I had the proper set-up for baby goats! I would just love for Santa to bring my granddaughters each a goat for Christmas. I know...I'm probably sounding a little loony here, curtain,Purina,Santa,baby goats ! Back to the curtain (it's late),suddenly I remembered I had 2 burlap Purina feed bags. The curtain was about to be reborn and here she is!!!!!!

Pleated with vintage buttons to boot !

I'm satisfied ! Now, if I could just figure out the goat thing ! I think I better get to bed.
P.S. Don't forget to check back for the giveaway I will be posting .


I'm Rollin !

I am on a roll! Don't know what's come over me, but I'm turning things out this weekend like a machine! This (above) is going into a giveaway I am working on for you! You will have to wait to see what it will become. See those little holes? I put them there! My theory is,if you want somethin to look old, ya gotta add holes. I will be including a sampler of my Christmas creations in the giveaway! I will have it all together and posted by Monday. So stay posted, cause I can't wait to give it to one of you! I wish I could give it to all of you, but this machine isn't high tech and does has some maintenance issues.

I started last night at midnight! I am definitely a night owl! By 2:00 am I had finished a new shower curtain. Today, I have made some more book page wreaths,the S. Claus canvas above, a distressed curtain for my hubby's DVD cabinet and did 5 loads of laundry.And.... who knows what I will accomplish before bedtime. Yes siree Bob, I am a machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the lovely DVD cabinet! There isn't anything wrong with the cabinet. Just don't think DVD's are pretty to look at. So I decided to make a curtain to hide them.

This design is what I came up with. You may ask "How did you paint all trillion of those little do-dads?" The answer is, I didn't. I made a little stencil and used a sharpie marker! I love sharpies almost as much as I love spray paint. Which brings me to Maddie,she is a creator and quite artistic for her age. I asked her what she would like for Christmas. Her reply, "I really just want a new box of crayons."

O.K., Here it is. Not completely satisfied by a long shot. It needs something else. A stripe down the center maybe ? A border of some sort? Please, please,please offer suggestions! As you know, this will drive me nuts until I get it right! Whom ever comes up with a winning solution can borrow my handy hubby for a weekend! Naaa, I made that up. Sorry Gwen(new follower,great friend,and married to my uncle). She wants my husband and my ice skates. You just can't trust anyone anymore! I think I heard the watch dogs. She is probably lurking around waiting for the perfect moment to snatch Terry. If she takes my skates,I hope she falls down and skins up her knees! I gotta go look for my marshmallow shooter!!!!!!!!!


Labor of Love

Isn't she cute? Even if I do say so myself !

This was my inspiration. Actually you are looking at the back since I removed the front pieces to make patterns. I do plan on reattaching them! My best friend Cary's grandmother made many of these stockings during the 1960's. She made them for all of her family.She also sold them at a major department store in the area . I always admired Cary's mantle at Christmas adorned with these adorable labors of love. She was generous enough to share this extra one so that I could make patterns from it. So began my labor of love !

Some of the patterns are my own and hold some significance to the person that particular stocking is made for. These were Maddie's pets at the time she was born.

It took me nearly a year working on and off to finish. I have yet to add the names,though each person knows their own stocking. Well, that's only partially the truth......the real reason I hadn't added names was I sensed my new son-in-law was not a keeper ! Remember these were a labor of love. Let's just put it this way, I made the right choice and no love is lost here !

My hope is that my granddaughters will one day hold these dear to their hearts and know the love that went into them.

We were so blessed to have Snow White drop by tonite. She had a great idea to roast marshmallows on a spoon outside of the fireplace screen! Isn't she just precious?



Who doesn't like sparkles? I love them! Just add a little felt (another favorite).

And.....This is what you get!

Christmas Trees!

Sequins,beads,and felt! Aren't they pretty?

What do I do with these little gems?

Show you later!


Bestest Husband

IToday marked the 21st day in a row my hubby has worked without a single day off. Yep, 21 days! I thought he deserved to be pampered a little. So I made some of his favorites for him to snack on while he watched football games. At first I couldn't convince him we weren't having company.(I need to do this more often.) Finally,when I pointed out the condition of the family room in which I had piles of laundry I was doing he believed me. This guy(Terry) is the best! I couldn't do better if I had my pick of any man in the world. He is totally devoted to his family and is he handy. There is nothing this guy can't do! Definitely a keeper.

That brings me to this UGLY thing.I got it at an auction for 1.00. Actually, I bought a trailer load of junk (inspirations)! My brother-in-law & I went to this auction.I know Phil thought I was nuts,but he just doesn't have my vision when it comes to these things. Anyway,he was willing to haul my "inspirations" in his nice truck until he saw them! Not that he said he wouldn't,but when I gave him an "out" I could tell he was relieved! Well,my dear sweet husband hooked up his trailer,rolled his eyes,and hauled the stuff home.

Now, I've got to make this thing look good! Pray for me.

Last but not least, If any of you should consider kidnapping my Mr.Perfect or stealing the ugly cabinet you will have to get past my watchdogs first. Don't let their looks fool you.They are just on their break!



God Is Good.


Old Book Wreath

How about a wreath made from a few pages of an old book?

Oh! and an old button. Amazing what you make from basically nothing for no money!

Another version of my original tree. This time I used a
decorative corner paper punch on each page to add a little

I think I like it! Not like that ugly old lamp we don't speak of!
Have a peaceful evening,


Another Book !

Another old book creation. What do you think ?

One old book = 2 new creations !


By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Yesterday I went to our local thrift shop in search of old books. I didn't have any luck finding the books, but I found something even better! A really "cool" find! It reminded me of one of my very favorite old movies.

By the Light of the Silvery Moon,a movie starring Doris Day and Gordon MacRae which takes place in World War 1-era America.

Aren't they cool? Look at the faux fur at the top! They remind me of the skating scenes at Miller's Pond in the movie. Best of all they were only $5.00 and in the original box! Makes me want to go ice skating, which I haven't done since I was a kid.

Rudy likes tthem too! Actually Rudy likes anything new that's brought into the house. I had a terrble time taking the pictures because he was always in the way.

Do any of you remember Sears at Christmas time as a kid, when they would have boxes of ice skates stacked as you entered the store? Does anyone even ask for ice skates anymore? I would love to experience one more childhood Christmas.
Want to come along?