See You Monday!

I have been super busy the past couple days, and have a hectic weekend planned. Will be back Monday evening with another old book idea. Also, I'm planning a giveaway @ The Rented Cottage Life. Thanks for following me & have a fun Halloween!


A Well Read Book

Last evening the sky just glowed this amber color. I have never seen the sky this color before. I love to take pictures of the sky and especially sunsets. I thought I would share this one with you as it is rather unique.

I've noticed a lot of bloggers are making things from sheet music. I got thinking of things to do with old books. A childhood memory came back to me. I know a lot of you are too young to remember this particular craft. I remember my mom folding the pages of old paperback books to make Christmas trees. She then spray painted them red or green. My friend Cary,remembered her mother doing the same thing but using the tree part as the body for Mr. and Mrs. Santa.

So....I removed the cover and spine from an old Readers Digest Book I picked up for a quarter at a church rummage sale. I recommend using a book that is sewn in the spine rather than glued.
I think a glued book may come apart.
The book I am demonstrating with doesn't have the cover and spine removed yet,though you will need to remove before actually starting to fold.
Start by folding the top corner of the page down and slightly tuck it in the center of the book.

Next fold the bottom corner up to meet the top.The top corner should be slightly tucked in though my pic doesn't show it !!!!!! Sorry ! Continue to fold all the pages of the book going the same direction.When finished fold the book around so the pages meet .I then hot glued it together. I found a cool vintage button that was rather domed shaped to glue to the top.

The finished product ! Sooo, what do you think? I
(If you don't have an aged book you can brush the edges of a book with coffee or tea and allow to dry before folding).

Autumn Whatchamacallit !

I promise this will be the last pic of my wonderful chicken carriers(at least for a while)! I just keep coming up with more ideas to stick in them. If you happened to notice, one even made a debut at The Rented Cottage Life dressed in a book page wreath a couple post back. Heck, I love these carriers so much I'd use them in place of gift bags for Christmas if I could ! Most women go crazy over diamonds and platinum. Just give me some rusty wire and weathered wood and I'm as happy as a pig in mud ! Well, enough about that ! Tonight I want to share a fall craft idea.I struggled with a name for this post. My mind keeps drawing a blank except for "Fall Balls"! That just doesn't seem appropriate .Hopefully by the end of writing this post I'll think of something!

I started with papermache balls (picked up at a rummage sale for 25 cents), leaves, and good ole' Mod Podge.

Make sure your leaves are still supple. I even used the leaves from Lambs Ear.

Just brush Mod Podge on the back of the leaf (be generous) then over the top. Continue until the ball is full .I will say this is messy!

Voila! A practically free Autumn decoration.
Mod Podge is still a little wet!
I've got it ! The name of this post is Autumn Whatchamacallit !

Sleep Well,


Have you ever seen such sweet little faces ? Look at those big beautiful brown eyes !Looks can be deceiving. Much to my dismay my little darlings have turned to a life of mischeviousness !
Remember the skeletons that were being held in this cage?They have been turned loose and this innocent little bunny is being held in their place!
Well,maybe the skeletons didn't fare so well after being turned loose!
What is that in my beautiful mums?
One of the perpetrators caught on camera !
Darn old watch dogs !I think they are ready for retirement.
Suspects were later seen at an "outdoor cafe" with the evidence,none the less tied to a tree !
Upon the realization of being discovered they fled the scene driving a John Deere Gator.
Later they turned themselves in for a snack and Papa's lap.As my dad says(their great-grandfather)"Those girls could destroy a Sherman tank !" But hey , what can you do but love them?


Apple Butter

Apple Butter Day was a huge success this year. We ended-up with 24 pints and 10 quarts. Everyone went home with their own jar. The apples and spices smelled heavenly cooking! The weather started out a little questionable (sprinkles), but ended-up being nice. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

I decided the yard needed a few Halloween props, so I made some tombstones. These were easy and cheap to make (love cheap). I just bought a piece of insulation foam board at Home Depot and cut the tombstones out with a serrated knife. I used a Dremel to carve the lettering and rough-up the edges. Sprayed over the lettering with black spray paint,then coated the entire thing with gray spray paint. For a more realistic look, I sprayed some highlights with more paint. I think they turned out pretty good, and I only I spent a total of $14.00 for eight.

I found 3 of these old handmade chicken carriers at a garage sale for a dollar each. I think they are my favorite garage sale find! At first, I didn't buy them. Then I couldn't sleep all that night thinking about them. First thing the next morning, I ran back to the sale (scared to death they wouldn't be there). Luckily no one else saw what I saw in them !

Simmering apple butter in an antique copper kettle .

A perfect ending to a perfect day. Sleep well. Tami


Today, has been a beautiful autumn day here in Ohio. In fact a perfect day. The kind of day I would take everyday. My wonderful husband ( Terry ) chauffeured some of us girls in the family to Amish country. This has become a yearly tradition, the day before we have an old fashion apple butter stirrin over an open fire. The main purpose of the trip is to buy bushels of apples, but how can we pass by all the cool shops and roadside stands? We always end-up stopping about fifteen times! We just make a day of it and come home with the SUV packed to the gills. Apples, pumpkins, gourds, big pots of mums and most importantly fry pies. Tomorrow, family and friends will come to help make apple butter. I'll share more on that later, but for now I want to share some sights from our day.

This tractor was just so cool I had to take some pics!

Mr. Scarecrow has either had a rough day on the farm, or the birds have driven him to drink! I feel for him cause I've had days like that too! Haven't we all?

Love these warty pumpkins!
How appropriate for Halloween.
I had to buy a couple.

Have a warm and cozy evening .



My daughter over at The Rented Cottage Life suggested I start my own blog (I think she was getting tired of my input!).Anyhow here I am and I don't know what exactly I'm doing. I just know that my brain churns constantly with creative ideas and I'm hoping to share them with all of you. So............hang in here with me ! I will be up and running within the next couple of days. Make sure to check back.