Book,Sewing,Kitchen Island Table

 $7.00 garage sale find! Thought it would make a great sewing table.

Originally from  Denison University.

Yes,I had a vision! It certainly needed one.

  My wonderful husband worked really hard on this top. Really hard! I painted and distressed the wood.

                                              Now it's a kitchen island .At least for now!

My weekend project. A stool that won't be a stool for long. Check back to see what it becomes!


Autumn Gifts

Burning bush will soon be solid red.

                                                               Early morning surprise!
     Our garden did terrible this summer. However, we were rewarded with six surprise pumpkins!

                                                                   One last thing!
Whats wrong with this picture? Lilliana (Lilly Beffers) put her underpants OVER her leggings! When I asked her why,she said her mother did it! Oh Lilly,you certainly keep us entertained.


Sweet Stool by the Worst Blogger!

I've been a terrible, rotten,stinkin blogger! If you never visit me again, I deserve it. That's why I'm showing you the "after" first. (To keep you here!)

    You still here?

Loved the chippy paint, so I just gave it a spray of polyurethane to seal it. Had the fabric & trim in my stash.

You still here? If so now you can see the before!
Aren't I sly?

Thanks for hangin in there with me! Tami

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