I Did It! My First Slipcover

I made a slipcover! This is actually my 2nd, but the 1st I've finished! The first one,a sofa,is still waiting to be finished. If that ever happens! Do I ever want to make another one? Nope! Not sayin I won't, but I did not enjoy it one bit. Oh how I envy you girls that make it look so simple. It sure didn't help that my sewing machine gave me all kinds of trouble.

This horrible thing came from the Goodwill.

The fabric is from a matelasse coverlet. My tv blanket!

I took advantage of the scalloped hem as my skirt. It's far from perfect,but I'm satisfied. I can mark slipcover off my bucket list!!!! Now,I think I'll go try to build a barn!
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                       Update: Ugly cupboard still a work in progress. She's gettin there though!


A Natural Gift & an Update on Ugly

A gift from nature I found in the old barn.One of my favorite things.

              I found these tins at the local antique shop. Love the green,my new favorite color.


Now for an update on the ugly cabinet. This pile of crap is the back of it,on my living room floor.It is not going against a wall ,so it needs to be pretty from behind too! My husband has promised to put the new back on tomorrow. So...Hopefully she will be ready to reveal Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed, Tami


Button Glass

My new creation, Button Glass!

I've got the cupboard as far as I can take it without the help of my husband. I need his carpentry skills! With college basketball playoffs this weekend, it just wasn't gonna happen.

So ,I entertained myself with my button stash and Voila, Button Glass! Just some clear glass, buttons,& glue gun. Oh,and a lone vintage earring!

Is moss a sign of Spring?

Maddie sure hopes so! Hope Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods too.~~ Tami


Sunshine and Working on Ugly

Remember my ugly cupboard I bought a few weeks ago for $10.00? I have been waiting for a nice day to start working on it. Today was that day!

A little hint of how she is coming along! Hopefully it will be ready  for posting tomorrow.

I wanted to share this pic. I just love these little legs and had to photograph them. They used to be really pudgy, but are losing their baby fat (frown).

They belong to our little Lilly! She started preschool just this last week.

 Slow down Lilly! You're growing up too fast.



If you have followed me for awhile ,you know about my love of old birdcages. Needing some green in my life ,I made a trip to Lowes for some indoor plants. Where should I plant them? Well, in a birdcage of course! You can stick anything in these babies!

Speaking of birdcages, looks like these chickens are livin the good life! I borrowed this photo from Mary Janes Farm.

    If you have never savored this magazine, you are missing out! This is one cool read. By the way, I did scrub up the old medicine chest today.Trying to decide if I should just paint it white or be a little more creative. Get back with you on that one. Hugs, Tami


I'm Back!

Aren't these the most beautiful eggs? An old friend of the family posted these on her Facebook page, so I kinda borrowed the photo.Sherry just doesn't know it, yet. I want the chickens that laid these beauties!  Well, I thought I should show you something pretty before.........

I showed you this!

Yes, that is dirt! Not rust (guess that's good). This is tomorrows project.
Check back and see the after.I have no idea what that will be!


Failed Attempts!

Last summer my granddaughters decided they were taking down a tree!

Pushing didn't work!

Notice the very tiny twig Maddie is pulling on!

                                                    That didn't work either,but was fun!

Well, I got the bright idea to redo my blog.That didn't work either! I was too impatient to wait for help. When I get an idea ,it has to be now .No putting things on the back burner here! And,no it wasn't fun. But at least it is now readable again. I messed with the sidebar margin thingy and had things layered on top of each other. No, it isn't going to stay like this. Jessica is going to straighten things out. So for now just considerate it an irregular!