Failed Attempts!

Last summer my granddaughters decided they were taking down a tree!

Pushing didn't work!

Notice the very tiny twig Maddie is pulling on!

                                                    That didn't work either,but was fun!

Well, I got the bright idea to redo my blog.That didn't work either! I was too impatient to wait for help. When I get an idea ,it has to be now .No putting things on the back burner here! And,no it wasn't fun. But at least it is now readable again. I messed with the sidebar margin thingy and had things layered on top of each other. No, it isn't going to stay like this. Jessica is going to straighten things out. So for now just considerate it an irregular!

1 comment:

Amy Kinser said...

Aren't we all irregular most of the time?

Love the pictures. I do hope everyone is doing well and things are going great.

God bless you all.