Used Books Sign & Taking a Break!

I am taking a break from blogging for a few days. I love you all and will definitely be back. I need to focus on getting caught up on some things I've been procrastinating on (like my housework)! I get so caught up in making things that, well I could possibly be in the early stages of hoarding. I really don't want TLC showing up here in a few months offering me a TV contract! I have to say the extra money would be nice, but I do have some pride ya know! Better get busy and see you in a few, Tami

Searching the old barn for some inspiration. I found what used to be part of an old table leg. So...... what do you do with such a find? Make a sign of course!

 I am a book lover!  For me ,books will never be replaced by any electronic device. I want to hold a book and feel it's pages. Besides, what's more cozy than curling up with a good book? Only thing I can think of, is curling up with my granddaughters with a children's book .Reading is such a gift.

 My paternal grandmother's family album is in the photo above. This is the inscription inside for her and my Great Aunt Fern. The album is very brittle and doesn't hold many pictures, but it is still dear to me.

 Notice the title of the top book? Funny thing ,just about every Sunday growing up we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for chicken after church!  Treat yourself to a book and a comfy chair! Hugs, Tami


Fairy Princess

I found this precious little fairy. Where else? But of  course, The  Graphics Fairy!

So, I took this stuff and the sweet little fairy.

                                                                      And made this!
Hugs, Tami


Ugliest ?

                                                           Remember this ugly thing?

I love you  Graphics Fairy!
I love you as much as chocolate
and that's a lot!

What do you think of her now?
A little shocked myself!

Some things just get better with age!



Look Dad,what I bought!
My dad gave me some money with restrictions. I could only spend it on myself!
So that's exactly what I did! I even have some left over.

This is ugly, but a beautiful kinda ugly. I went to an auction just for this. While measuring it to make sure I could get it in my husband's SUV, the lady next to me commented,"that's nothin but kindlin." Jess thought she was trying to deter me since she was spotted checking it out, twice! Little did she know. I can't be deterred. I got this heap of kindlin for $10.00. I can't wait to make her beautiful!

 This is uglier! I got this chair and her twin off Craig's List for $12.00. I'm gonna attempt to pull off a Miss Mustard Seed redo on these.

Well, I bet you already guessed! Meet Ms. Ugliest! Have no idea what I'm gonna do with her. When I carried this out to the car, Jess said,"you certainly didn't buy that thing." I said," it was only $2.00"! She had to straddle it between her legs all 20 miles home! Hehe! I need some vision on this one. Suggestions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


A Winner

                             And the winner is..........My Mother's Daughter! Congratulations!!!!!!!!


Painted Shutter

                      An old shutter I painted and distressed. The bird is from The Graphics Fairy.   http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/  A very  cool blog  that has free clip art.

                                                          Where thou art, that is home.

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Giveaway ! ! !

 As I've stated before, I love to give things away! So...... the winner of this giveaway will receive (drum roll here) the chippy vintage what-not shelf, set of 4 vintage place mats, and a not vintage little bird!

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 Slipcover is not going well. I am not one who has the patience for redoing something several times. However, I refuse to be defeated by a piece of canvas. If,  you should not hear from me for a couple of days, remember I am at battle. Do not despair! I plan to come out of this victorious (guard dog has my back)! Tami


Attempting a Slipcover & Giveaway

 While iced in this week, Jessica suggested we get started on the slipcover I have procrastinated over, for oh.........two years maybe!( Her and the girls stayed with us during the winter storm.) I find slipcovers quite intimidating. I guess because I was never really sure where to begin. Jessica having made a couple in the past got it off to a good start! Now,I think can finish it. Well, let's put it this way,I have to finish it and these rolled arms are a beast! Probably not the best thing for a first project. So......if any of you have any tips I would GREATLY appreciate your input.


One more thing, I am very close to 50 followers. To celebrate this small milestone, I am putting together a giveaway and will be posting about it in a couple days. Oh, how I love giving things away!!!!!!!!!


Button Love

As many of you know,I am crazy for vintage buttons!

 A valentine gift for a dear ,sweet, someome who deserves some extra love. Don't the buttons make the sweetest little flowers? I think it's going to be a pillow. Hope all of you are staying warm! Hugs, Tami