Attempting a Slipcover & Giveaway

 While iced in this week, Jessica suggested we get started on the slipcover I have procrastinated over, for oh.........two years maybe!( Her and the girls stayed with us during the winter storm.) I find slipcovers quite intimidating. I guess because I was never really sure where to begin. Jessica having made a couple in the past got it off to a good start! Now,I think can finish it. Well, let's put it this way,I have to finish it and these rolled arms are a beast! Probably not the best thing for a first project. So......if any of you have any tips I would GREATLY appreciate your input.


One more thing, I am very close to 50 followers. To celebrate this small milestone, I am putting together a giveaway and will be posting about it in a couple days. Oh, how I love giving things away!!!!!!!!!


Verde Farm said...

I have no doubt you will get that slipcover just right. It already looks great. Hope you are staying warm and look forward to the giveaway--they are so fun :)
Happy Saturday,

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Good luck on the slipcover, don't know if I would try it. I have reupholstered a few things in my time though. It's those arms that would deter me.
Love the blue wall!

Kelly said...

So glad you have a cat assistant to help! :)


Michaja said...

Can't wait to see your give-away!
Have a great new week.