Look Dad,what I bought!
My dad gave me some money with restrictions. I could only spend it on myself!
So that's exactly what I did! I even have some left over.

This is ugly, but a beautiful kinda ugly. I went to an auction just for this. While measuring it to make sure I could get it in my husband's SUV, the lady next to me commented,"that's nothin but kindlin." Jess thought she was trying to deter me since she was spotted checking it out, twice! Little did she know. I can't be deterred. I got this heap of kindlin for $10.00. I can't wait to make her beautiful!

 This is uglier! I got this chair and her twin off Craig's List for $12.00. I'm gonna attempt to pull off a Miss Mustard Seed redo on these.

Well, I bet you already guessed! Meet Ms. Ugliest! Have no idea what I'm gonna do with her. When I carried this out to the car, Jess said,"you certainly didn't buy that thing." I said," it was only $2.00"! She had to straddle it between her legs all 20 miles home! Hehe! I need some vision on this one. Suggestions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


Laura said...

I'd scrap the top of the last item. Add a new circular top to create a small stool, table, or plant stand? I like the cabinet... I'm sure it will turn out well!

Amy Kinser said...

I think the top two pieces will end up great. I am not sure about the bottom, but I might take the legs off and try to do something with the top piece. Kind of reminds me of an old whiskey barrel. I bet you will do something great with all of them. Can't wait to see.

Vintage Gal said...

I think these pieces are diamonds in the rought no matter what you do with them! Can't wait to see ;-)

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

The cabinet, yes, all kinds of possibilities there.
The chairs, for sure!
The wine bucket thingie, cold drink cooler, planter, bathroom towel holder potato/onion keeper....(depending on the size)
Awesome finds!!!
And, if all else fails?...
It's still pretty cold where you're at.

Chrissie said...

Love your finds, can't wait for you to show us all of their hidden potential!

Holly said...

I think I would take the legs, and probably the lid, off of the bucket thing. Then maybe paint it white and distress it.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway...good luck!

Michaja said...

Oh less she's ucly! Curious what you will do with it! :)

nickys nook said...

ohh such great finds - some people have no idea what a treasure is - i cant wait to see the finished project i often run across those chairs but not in that good of condition you got a great deal