Royalty They Ain't

 Maddie was disappointed she wasn't invited to the royal wedding! How dare they leave her out! So we went to the store and got Rapunzel cupcakes and fresh flowers to have our own celebration (one of my great ideas)! It was downhill from there!

                                                         Lilly stuck her finger in the frosting!

                                                  It tasted pretty good. But all heck broke loose!

Maddie who was expecting a prim and proper tea party was not the least bit happy with her sister and made it quite clear. She would have hit Lilly with her septor if one had been available. Dumb me,I can't remember where I put the thing!
(Sorry about the photo quality. One cannot focus well in these situations.)

"How dare you sit there with that smile on your face,you fake!"Someone was not about to let this go.Can you guess who?

  "I think I'll just head butt my sister's shoulder." Would you expect less from a proper princess?

Uh OH!

                                                             " Lilly ruined the party."

                                                                         " Sorry,Maddie"

               Though the Royal Tea party was a disaster,the flowers were quite lovely!


Mr. Knightly to Meet His Maker

By the time you read this post, Mr.Knightly (seen below) is probably simmering! Yes, he is quite handsome. Definitely not the type of fowl any respectful hen would take home to meet the family. He has no conscience. Turn your back and he will steal your feathers,literally. Just ask the hens whom he has victimized! Can you imagine being plucked almost bald? I only met him the other day and my instincts told me to watch my back,front,sides,well...... everything!


Which leads me to Jody, the sweet lady who tried to love this beastly bird. I know she tried, but he just couldn't be rehabilitated. You know, he was probably just a real bad egg. Anyway, Jody has a really sweet, serene blog. Kind of like a curl up with a good book blog. Stop over and visit her. The curtains are open and the light is always on.
Sleep well dear flock for tonite you are safe.

And the Winner is........

Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments. Sure wish I could give you all a prize. My dear husband drew the lucky winner and that would be, Khess136! Sending an email your way!


Heavenly Chaos

Today's finds! All for the price of two and one half gallons of gas!
    A vintage train case, a metal file holder, a hoosier jar,and 20 old books!
Pretty good for 10.00! I have plans for the file holder and haven't yet come up anything for the train case.

                      This old flour sifter came from a garage sale for 3.00. Love the colors!

My favorite thrift store!
You may want to sit down, cause I'm about to show  you what I mean by heavenly chaos!

I find some of the coolest stuff here! In Tiffin,Ohio! Our older son lives in Tiffin,so I  drop in here every 4to6 weeks. They have the sweetest Ladies that work here!

You must stand still in several different spots to survey the goodies! It is very chaotic and inexpensive. This is just a corner of 1 of 2 rooms. You can find some vintage goodies amongst all this and I've never walked out without buying something!

Books, buy one for twenty-five cents, get one free! Great for projects,though I bought a bunch to fill the blue cupboard(ugly)!

A view into the front window where collectibles are displayed.
The valuable stuff!


Kids books and games.
So there you have it. If you are ever in the Tiffin area ,check it out!

Tomorrow night is the giveaway. If you haven't entered you need to go here for details


Happy Easter!

Now that's a strange egg!

                     Made from a cool sack from the candy store,plastic egg,and Mod Podge.

                                                             Couldn't stop at just one!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter.
Our God is an awesome God!



It's About TIME to Let The Skeleton Out !

I  have a confession to make. I can't believe I'm about to show you this! Not the clock with this beautiful face. That was just to entice you to my post today! Sorry Mom. (I'm about to embarrass her.) Have you ever heard the saying,"Creative minds are rarely tidy"? Well.......(I'm taking a deep breath here)

This is the end of one of my kitchen counters. No matter how often I clean this mess up,I bring it back out (just different versions of it). Just a second..............(I'm now letting my breath out). Paint ,paper,scissors,buttons,mail and everything else I drag out. Yes, I drag stuff out just like a kid and No, I'm not good about cleaning up after myself. I just throw it here.

So you may not see much of me the next few days. I'm going to face this problem head on and to hold myself accountable, I've let you in on it. It starts here at this wall.

It includes this....

                                                                         and these!

                                                                            But wait,
Don't forget about my giveaway(details on my last post). I am extending it until next Tuesday evening. Guess I better get to work. Humbug!


I Feel Like a Giveaway!

Karen at The Graphics Fairy has created two new websites! You all know how much I love that site. Well,of course I had to check it out. Oh,my gosh this makes me giddy! While scrolling down I happened upon my Painted Shutter! Yes,she featured my shutter! If you don't remember it,you can see it here. http://lillybeffersmaddielumpkin.blogspot.com/2011/02/painted-shutter.html

So...I'm celebrating with a giveaway! No,not this thing. It needs a makeover.....

S0 it can look like this thing or...... one that you design and I make. By that I mean,if you win, you get to choose what color and what graphic from The Graphics Fairy you want. Just be a follower & leave a comment! Stop by and see Karen's new sites.

                        Oops! Almost forgot,will be picking a winner Tuesday,April 26 in the evening.


What is it? It's a Nightstand!

 The new nightstand! I should have staged it, but I couldn't wait to show you!

The Before! What is it? Thanks for the great guesses. Still don't know for sure! Dealing with my OCD on this, ain't easy!

                                                                     Sweet scallops.

 All ephemera and flowers from the Graphics Fairy! http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/ . Thanks from the very,very bottom of my heart Karen. If you've never visited her,you are missing out on a real treasure.

  The top! Aren't these the coolest papers? They look like the real thing,but fresh from my printer!
I love it!


What is it?????

What is it? Besides dirty! I sure wish I knew.

Rudy can't figure it out either!

I know what it's going to be. A bedside table! However,I still need to know what it's original use was. You may be asking yourself why it matters. Well.....,it matters because it's driving me nuts! I just can't stand the unknown. So,if you know please do share,even if it's a believable lie. Just don't tell me you lied!!!!!!!!!


Ugly Before & Almost After

Did ya think I was too embarrassed to return, seein as I kept promising the reveal of Ugly's makeover?
It's not my fault! Seriously. Actually the man of the house has been working a lot and I've let him off the hook several times. What's a girl to do? I mean he really is a keeper. So, still no back. But what the heck?

                                                  Here she is!!!! Almost in all her glory.

                                              Just love these knobs,but one was missing.

So,I just dug a pair of different ones out of my stash. I don't think they look bad. Love the way this mirror was already distressed. Strange the other one is perfect!