Sharing Some Elmers and Crayola!

I don't know if you've noticed ,but a lot of stores are having AMAZING deals on school supplies. I've been buying them when I come across them. We all know times are tough. It breaks my heart to think of any child going without or being embarrassed their family can't afford the basics. I can remember being so excited about school shopping as a kid. I also remember a few kids who didn't have supplies and the thought still makes me sad. So......I'm challenging my followers who are able to start picking up supplies and donating them. Maybe even fill a backpack or two! What seems like basic school supplies to some of us can be a huge self esteem boost to a child. Let's send as many kids as we can back to school with a smile on their face!

Have a great evening, Tami


Quick French Art

Doesn't get any easier than this!

Frames from GW Boutique @ .99 each. Background from Graphics Fairy. Keys and lock are actually stickers.
Doesn't that piano I've never learned to play make a great backdrop?


Train Case Cool

Kinda  cool vintage train case.

Getting better.



Thanks Graphics Fairy!


Inspiration Box

If you are anything like me,you are constantly finding inspiring ideas. The problem was where to put all these ideas so I could find them when needing some inspiration.

A trip to Goodwill and I found this old file box for $1.99. Believe me this thing is BIG for a file box! If you have followed me for a while you probably remember the  file box I redid to hold mail(bills).

I had picked up these wallpaper doo-dads @ Joanne's in the dollar section. I had no idea at the time what I would do with them,just thought they had a vintage look. Add some spray paint and Mod Podge,need I say more!
To age the lock I globbed on bronze spray paint using a paint brush. Make sure you use a brush you don't mind throwing away.

I'm lovin it!

Next project? Check back. I'm on a roll!


Something Pretty, Something UGLY!

Let's start with pretty. I don't know the name of this plant ,but have enjoyed watching the bees and butterflies. I've taken so many photos you'd think they were grand kids and you know how obsessed I am with that!

This is obviously the UGLY! I got the beds for $7.00 each. At a garage sale of course!

Some more pretty!

Well, back to UGLY. I know I can make the beds pretty. But,what do I do with the springs? Please help! You see, my husband did NOT want to haul these springs home. I assured him I would make something with them. Now that it gets down to it,I'm beginning to think I lied! I'm coming up with.....Nothing! I will be grateful for your suggestions.

This is not pretty. This is Beautiful!

P.S. Don't forget about the springs. Tami


Happy Birthday America