Sharing Some Elmers and Crayola!

I don't know if you've noticed ,but a lot of stores are having AMAZING deals on school supplies. I've been buying them when I come across them. We all know times are tough. It breaks my heart to think of any child going without or being embarrassed their family can't afford the basics. I can remember being so excited about school shopping as a kid. I also remember a few kids who didn't have supplies and the thought still makes me sad. So......I'm challenging my followers who are able to start picking up supplies and donating them. Maybe even fill a backpack or two! What seems like basic school supplies to some of us can be a huge self esteem boost to a child. Let's send as many kids as we can back to school with a smile on their face!

Have a great evening, Tami


Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Great idea Tami!

Sweet Pea said...

What a generous gesture! I may just have to follow suit, even though things are not as drastic here in Australia. Perhaps giving them as donations to one of the local charities.