Woo Hoo! A Winner & Some Fall Decor

 I decided our red door was in need of a change. My dear husband painted it for me.I threw up an old shutter with a simple wreath. I 'm quite pleased with the look! I plan on keeping the shutter and just changing the wreath for Christmas.

 Love this adorable vintage rake. It was a gift from my dear friend Sandra. My favorite color too. She gets me!

Some sweet quail eggs added to an abandoned bird's nest found in the barn These speak for themselves.

Okay, Okay, finally! The winner of the set of pumpkins is ........Nicky's Nook! 


Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

 As promised,I am sharing how I made these  fabric pumpkins. You will need fabric of choice, beans (if you want the bottoms weighted), fiber fill stuffing, embroidery floss(thread is too weak), pumpkin stem, and hot glue gun.

 Start with a circle of fabric. I traced a 16" pizza pan for a pumpkin about the size of a real pie pumpkin. The circle size can be rather deceiving,because you think a big circle will give you a big pumpkin. Not so!

 Next, using a full strand of embroidery floss in a big eye needle baste around the edge of the circle. I used fairly large stitches. Make sure you have a decent knot in the end of the floss before you start basting.The knot will have to withstand a lot of stress.

 Gather the circle into a bag. DO NOT unthread your needle. You will need to stitch the hole tightly closed later.

                         Pour about 1-2 cups of dried beans in if you want the bottom weighted.

                              Now stuff with fiber fill to your liking. Maddie has this process down!

Pull floss very tight and stitch closed. Hot glue a stem on. Rub some cloves or cinnamon in around the stem if you like.

Don't forget to go here http://lillybeffersmaddielumpkin.blogspot.com to enter my giveaway to win 3 pumpkins of your color choice.


Beautiful Pumpkins Giveaway

I am so thankful for all of my followers. To show my appreciation, I will be giving away a set of 3 pumpkins. You even get to pick the colors from the ones on this post. Just be a follower and leave a comment. I will draw a winner on Nov.12 so you will receive them in time for Thanksgiving

A dear friend came for a visit all the way from Texas. While we were out gallivanting around we came across some pumpkins similar to these. Theirs were beautiful,but way out of our price range. So, what do you do when you can't get the dang things out of your mind? Make your own of course!

By the way,remember this garage sale find? It was a footstool.

See it now!

I'm in love!

If you want to make some too,start gathering up some pumpkin stems. We found a lot of ours on the ground surrounding the pumpkins at a farmers market. I will be posting the tutorial tomorrow.

On a few I rubbed some ground cloves for a more realistic look. Plus the smell is ,well wonderful!

Maddie even helped.

She made this sweet little one all her by herself!
(Not included in giveaway!)


Free Amazon Gift Cards And Country Living

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Autumn Has Arrived!

Actually, I have been working on some projects for the house. Which I promise to show you soon. Just thought I'd share some photos I took  today.

 Good Night!


God is Good

View from my front porch. Am I blessed ? You bet! Thank you Heavenly Father, for showing me the beauty in this world and answered prayers.


Princess Lilliana

Our youngest little princess turned 4 this week. Oh,how I miss this chubby little face!

Princess Lilliana arrived at her party wearing a lovely, birthday ball gown as any proper princess would! However,the princess felt it unnecessary to have her hair brushed. A falling down ponytail suits her just fine. But then she is the princess!

 The princess is not fond of proper etiquette! But then,we never said she was lady like!

It is important for royalty to have their own style.She knows how to dress...... and THAT is THAT!!!

That's one reason we love her so much.(Please don't call Childrens Services that is only face paint!)

Happy Birthday Lilly Beffers! You are my sunshine!
Love you to the moon and back!


Book,Sewing,Kitchen Island Table

 $7.00 garage sale find! Thought it would make a great sewing table.

Originally from  Denison University.

Yes,I had a vision! It certainly needed one.

  My wonderful husband worked really hard on this top. Really hard! I painted and distressed the wood.

                                              Now it's a kitchen island .At least for now!

My weekend project. A stool that won't be a stool for long. Check back to see what it becomes!


Autumn Gifts

Burning bush will soon be solid red.

                                                               Early morning surprise!
     Our garden did terrible this summer. However, we were rewarded with six surprise pumpkins!

                                                                   One last thing!
Whats wrong with this picture? Lilliana (Lilly Beffers) put her underpants OVER her leggings! When I asked her why,she said her mother did it! Oh Lilly,you certainly keep us entertained.


Sweet Stool by the Worst Blogger!

I've been a terrible, rotten,stinkin blogger! If you never visit me again, I deserve it. That's why I'm showing you the "after" first. (To keep you here!)

    You still here?

Loved the chippy paint, so I just gave it a spray of polyurethane to seal it. Had the fabric & trim in my stash.

You still here? If so now you can see the before!
Aren't I sly?

Thanks for hangin in there with me! Tami

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