Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

 As promised,I am sharing how I made these  fabric pumpkins. You will need fabric of choice, beans (if you want the bottoms weighted), fiber fill stuffing, embroidery floss(thread is too weak), pumpkin stem, and hot glue gun.

 Start with a circle of fabric. I traced a 16" pizza pan for a pumpkin about the size of a real pie pumpkin. The circle size can be rather deceiving,because you think a big circle will give you a big pumpkin. Not so!

 Next, using a full strand of embroidery floss in a big eye needle baste around the edge of the circle. I used fairly large stitches. Make sure you have a decent knot in the end of the floss before you start basting.The knot will have to withstand a lot of stress.

 Gather the circle into a bag. DO NOT unthread your needle. You will need to stitch the hole tightly closed later.

                         Pour about 1-2 cups of dried beans in if you want the bottom weighted.

                              Now stuff with fiber fill to your liking. Maddie has this process down!

Pull floss very tight and stitch closed. Hot glue a stem on. Rub some cloves or cinnamon in around the stem if you like.

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Gypsy Heart said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Your pumpkins are just gorgeous...I so hope I win. :-)


Wendy @HerBallistic Garden said...

Is it a bad thing to say I can't wait til next Halloween?! lol!
Thanks...saved in my tutorial file on my desktop!

sawn48 said...

I made a similar pumpkin only I wrapped the fabric around a roll of toilet tissue and stuffed the excess fabric down the neck then added a twisted brown paper bag for the stem.I haven't tackled the leaf yet,but I have a plan to make a fabric leaf to attach to the stem.

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! It looks so easy when you describe the steps. Great job!

Dani @ Drops in the Bucket said...

Okay, I plan on doing this. First of all, because they are so pretty. But second, because i have two bags of beans that i will neeeeveeeer use! lol.

ps-- thanks for stopping by my blog <3