I Never Planned This. I Never Do!

  Today I ventured off the beaten path. I have a habit of doing this! I'm a spontaneous person to a fault! In fact I pretty much live on the spur of the moment. At times, I've thought,"What if something were to happen to me? No one knows where I'm at.They would never look here." Then when they found me,I could here my family saying,"You know how she was.She never would listen to anyone.Yep,we told her, but she was going to do it her way." Then my mom would tell the story she's told a hundred times,"When she was 12 years old I  put this sweet,shy, little girl to bed and the next morning she woke up a completely different child." Yep,that's what they'd say! So...... what I found off the beaten path today.

 Happy to have you along! Tami


The Poor House

As a kid I remember older folks using the term"ending up in the poor house".I always believed it to be just a term meaning one was broke. Well, recently I did a little research on this building. I have passed this gorgeous piece of fine architecture a bazillion times in my life. I'm kinda obsessed with this place. Just ask my husband! Well come to find out,this was built to house the poor in the 1800's.

It is privately owned now and it has fallen into disrepair. Such a sad thing.

Sometime during the 1900's it was used by or for a bible college. Now she just sits crumbling away peacefully to the music of birds that have made their homes in her trees. A more serene place I have not encountered.  Despite the broken windows and boarded up doors she is still beautiful in an almost spiritual kind of way.

                        I guess you could say she did her job.I just wish she had been treated more kindly.


 For more pictures and to see the inside click on this link. http://rejectedmemories.com/locations/poorhouse/


Under Construction & A Frog

For some dumb reason,I decided to mess with redesigning my blog at midnight. Can't get the new header on! It's late and the fact that I'm ADD doesn't help matters. I guess the ADD got me into this mess and also a mess in my basement that  I've made even worse today! Well, what I'm trying to say is that," I'm over it." DONE for tonight! By the way, the frog pic has nothing to do with this post. I just felt like sticking it on here.


Well That Didn't Last long!

See this KEEP OUT sign. I was informed that it was intended for me!

Remember the sweet little room I redid for my two precious granddaughters on just a few dollars?

This would be them!



and this, would be that room. Guess for now on I will pay closer attention to signs!


Looking Back & Post 101!

           I can't believe this is post 101! Thought I'd take you back through some of my creations.

I love this! It was so simple and quick.

From my old book kick!

This sweet little bird came from The Graphics Fairy. Her button is at the top left corner of this page.

My all time favorite!

Stop back. I'll be posting more from the past! I feel a giveaway coming!