I Never Planned This. I Never Do!

  Today I ventured off the beaten path. I have a habit of doing this! I'm a spontaneous person to a fault! In fact I pretty much live on the spur of the moment. At times, I've thought,"What if something were to happen to me? No one knows where I'm at.They would never look here." Then when they found me,I could here my family saying,"You know how she was.She never would listen to anyone.Yep,we told her, but she was going to do it her way." Then my mom would tell the story she's told a hundred times,"When she was 12 years old I  put this sweet,shy, little girl to bed and the next morning she woke up a completely different child." Yep,that's what they'd say! So...... what I found off the beaten path today.

 Happy to have you along! Tami


Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Oh my Tami, you were off the beaton path.
As long as you had a cell and a pocket knife you were perfectly ok.
Any reception out there?

Super photos, I like 4, 5 & 7 the best!
I always wonder, what kind of treasures are within.

Loved he story too!

I always tell my daughter Heather, who's in Alaska, when you're out exploring,
"call a co-worker, tell them where you're going, that way when you don't show up for work they'll know where to find your body".
Gross I know, but she does it!

Anonymous said...

Tami, thanks for sharing your lovely photo's from "off the beaten path" sometimes we need the tranquility of it all..
~~Peace & Love~~

nicky said...

ohhh such beautiful pictures what a great way to spend your day