The $ 2.00 Makeover is Now $ 3.00!!!

I have been so busy, so this post is going to be short. The room is painted and now I'm just working on accessories. I hope to show you the final result by the end of  the week. What do you think of this sweet little stool?
Just what I was looking for! It put me over budget by One dollar!
Thought you may enjoy some pics of my garden.

I'll be back with more projects for the $3.00 makeover!


The End of an Era

This clock has hung in this spot as long as I can remember. My dad has come to a difficult decision.The time has come for him to close the barber shop he has occupied for 50 years. He has cut many a head of hair since he opened as a young man of twenty.Countless children have walked away from here with a quarter in their pocket and clergy with a free haircut.

The walls of this small space hold a history of  many lives. Talk of  crops and livestock,discussion of politics,sports,and horse racing.The sharing of family news and the excitement of local school sports. An interior door trim has served as a growth chart for local youth and bares the names and markings as proof. Most importantly, Dad has used this place to witness for the Lord.

Things will never be quite the same in this town. You see,my dad was the last of the original businessmen.The building across the street originally housed the furniture store of two of my best friend's father and my grandfather owned the town grocery store down around the corner. Yes this place was a local institution.

Today was Maddie's last time in "the chair".

Lilly's official first and last time in "the chair". Dad's final customer(non paying of course)!
How appropriate as she is the youngest family member.

The hooks are empty.

No one else will be told to "get on up in the chair".
It's the end of an era.

Yep, Larry's Barber Shop is officially closed.
You served a community and your family well Dad, and you have been well loved for it.
Enjoy your retirement!


The Two Dollar Makeover ~ Part 1~

Our granddaughters have taken over this room at our house. With the intention of giving it a complete organization my ADD sidetracked me and I decided to paint. When I get something in my head it must happen NOW!

I couldn't stand this color another day. I found 2 half full cans of paint,one a white and the other a light blue. So.....I just mixed them together! They were the same brand and finish.

This is the result! Don't you just love it? The best part is FREE!
I redid the bed a couple years back before I discovered Blogland.

Oh,I'm not done! Mom gave me this old elementary school table.

Already had the paint. So.....FREE! Plus there is more to come. You'll have to wait and see where I spent the $2.00! See, I didn't abandon you. I've just been busy!

Just thought I'd share some of the mother/daughter lode with you! See you with Part 2 in a couple days!


Mother Daughter Lode

A break in the weather (a very short sunny spot) and Mom and I hit the two garage sales in our area. We got some great stuff ! It's all still jammed in the back of Terry's SUV! We hit the mother lode just before the sun left us and the rain started  AGAIN.

Sorry, but you'll just have to wait and see what's all stufffed in here.


Simple Slipcover This Time & Looking for Band in Need of a Clanger!

Gave slipcovering another try! This was very simple due to simple straight lines. Actually, it is straight just forgot to adjust it before taking the pics and too lazy to retake them.!

The before. This  piano is just a prop to make me look musically talented! I promised Terry I would learn to play if he got it home.That was 6 years ago. I lied. My aunt/sister(not what you think,yuck),actually this aunt  is 15 months younger than me,but more like a sister.We saw each other everyday growing up and were neighbors to boot.Well anyway, knowing I wish to be musically inclined, bought me a cowbell for Christmas this year! I have to admit, I'm pretty good at clanging it. So....if you know of any band looking for a cowbell clanger, I'm their girl! Don't know what that has to do with a slipcover! Just needed to share.

Love ball fringe! Hate brown carpet!


Junk to Cool

          My attempt to clean up my counter problem.
                                                     Do you recognize the table? If not,you will!
             The little basket is for Terry's wallet and keys.

  Got the frame from  The Graphics Fairy (of course). "Painted" the word mail with a black Sharpie!
                                                     Recognize the box? You will!

Got a hole? Nothing a rosette can't cover! 

Remember this?

And this?
My dear husband worked miracles with this thing. I just had the vision after Mom spotted it in her neighbors trash!  Good eye Mom!

Wishes Do Come True

I wish I were a Princess!

I wish I were a bride!

I wish to attend a wedding (since William & Kate left me off the list)!

                                                                     Best cousins!

Everyone's wishes came true ........And they lived happily ever after!
Congratulations Lacey & Matt!