The Two Dollar Makeover ~ Part 1~

Our granddaughters have taken over this room at our house. With the intention of giving it a complete organization my ADD sidetracked me and I decided to paint. When I get something in my head it must happen NOW!

I couldn't stand this color another day. I found 2 half full cans of paint,one a white and the other a light blue. So.....I just mixed them together! They were the same brand and finish.

This is the result! Don't you just love it? The best part is FREE!
I redid the bed a couple years back before I discovered Blogland.

Oh,I'm not done! Mom gave me this old elementary school table.

Already had the paint. So.....FREE! Plus there is more to come. You'll have to wait and see where I spent the $2.00! See, I didn't abandon you. I've just been busy!

Just thought I'd share some of the mother/daughter lode with you! See you with Part 2 in a couple days!

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