Simple Slipcover This Time & Looking for Band in Need of a Clanger!

Gave slipcovering another try! This was very simple due to simple straight lines. Actually, it is straight just forgot to adjust it before taking the pics and too lazy to retake them.!

The before. This  piano is just a prop to make me look musically talented! I promised Terry I would learn to play if he got it home.That was 6 years ago. I lied. My aunt/sister(not what you think,yuck),actually this aunt  is 15 months younger than me,but more like a sister.We saw each other everyday growing up and were neighbors to boot.Well anyway, knowing I wish to be musically inclined, bought me a cowbell for Christmas this year! I have to admit, I'm pretty good at clanging it. So....if you know of any band looking for a cowbell clanger, I'm their girl! Don't know what that has to do with a slipcover! Just needed to share.

Love ball fringe! Hate brown carpet!


nickys nook said...

you did a good job i love the poms

Erin said...

I do love the cowbell and they are so much fun, glad you included it!!! And the slipcover looks great!