Felt Love & A Mouse House

  Real mice creep me out.It's their tails that make my skin crawl.If it doesn't have fur on it's tail....I'd rather be in a room with a lion! However,this sweet little critter,well....I knew the minute I saw it Lilly would love it. I got the pattern here. http://motherrhythm.blogspot.com/2010/07/seriously-cute-mouse-tutorial.html
Then I found this at The G.W. Boutique.That's just a fancy name for Goodwill! This would be a great home for a mouse family.
Then, I felt a story coming on.You're only getting the teeny,tiniest version!
 I got to work and made this sweet little family.The rug was cut from a felted sweater and glued to the inside of the lid.The wall art is vintage crocheted flowers.A mouse house!
Daisy and Violet are lonely, old spinster mouse sisters.
(Table and chairs  from Dollar Tree. I just put my own touch on them.)
They just love to decorate with found treasures. 
(A thimble bouquet.Straight pins and decorative sequins.)
The best part,Santa left a baby at their door! Now their home is complete and a little girl is thrilled with her gift.


   Hello............anyone there?


  Sorry,it's been so long since I've posted anything.Yes,like a whole year! What can I say? Well,there's been a few big changes in my life.We have moved about 8 miles up the road. Our youngest graduated from college and has ended up on the west coast.Our sweet faithful labs,Hunter and Roxy are roaming fields in the sky instead of the local football field! No matter what we tried,couldn't keep those labs home!Maddie and Lilly continue to entertain us and fill our lives with such joy.Best of all,I have grown in my relationship with my Heavenly Father.He is totally awesome!!!!
   I have some completed projects I will be sharing.Terry has been building a playhouse from recycled barn wood.Which I'm sure you'll find interesting.I can't wait to decorate the inside.Yes,Maddie and Lilly you have to share with Mimi! Will be decorating the master bedroom on a puny budget.Hope you'll follow along,cause you never know what you'll find here! Could even be a mouse house!