A Well Read Book

Last evening the sky just glowed this amber color. I have never seen the sky this color before. I love to take pictures of the sky and especially sunsets. I thought I would share this one with you as it is rather unique.

I've noticed a lot of bloggers are making things from sheet music. I got thinking of things to do with old books. A childhood memory came back to me. I know a lot of you are too young to remember this particular craft. I remember my mom folding the pages of old paperback books to make Christmas trees. She then spray painted them red or green. My friend Cary,remembered her mother doing the same thing but using the tree part as the body for Mr. and Mrs. Santa.

So....I removed the cover and spine from an old Readers Digest Book I picked up for a quarter at a church rummage sale. I recommend using a book that is sewn in the spine rather than glued.
I think a glued book may come apart.
The book I am demonstrating with doesn't have the cover and spine removed yet,though you will need to remove before actually starting to fold.
Start by folding the top corner of the page down and slightly tuck it in the center of the book.

Next fold the bottom corner up to meet the top.The top corner should be slightly tucked in though my pic doesn't show it !!!!!! Sorry ! Continue to fold all the pages of the book going the same direction.When finished fold the book around so the pages meet .I then hot glued it together. I found a cool vintage button that was rather domed shaped to glue to the top.

The finished product ! Sooo, what do you think? I
(If you don't have an aged book you can brush the edges of a book with coffee or tea and allow to dry before folding).


Anonymous said...

What a cute idea, thanks for sharing

Lindy said...

Very cute and I love it with the birds. I can't believe I haven't visited you back before now but I'm following for sure!

Amy Kinser said...

What a neat idea.

Partying with you tonight at Cindy's.