Apple Butter

Apple Butter Day was a huge success this year. We ended-up with 24 pints and 10 quarts. Everyone went home with their own jar. The apples and spices smelled heavenly cooking! The weather started out a little questionable (sprinkles), but ended-up being nice. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

I decided the yard needed a few Halloween props, so I made some tombstones. These were easy and cheap to make (love cheap). I just bought a piece of insulation foam board at Home Depot and cut the tombstones out with a serrated knife. I used a Dremel to carve the lettering and rough-up the edges. Sprayed over the lettering with black spray paint,then coated the entire thing with gray spray paint. For a more realistic look, I sprayed some highlights with more paint. I think they turned out pretty good, and I only I spent a total of $14.00 for eight.

I found 3 of these old handmade chicken carriers at a garage sale for a dollar each. I think they are my favorite garage sale find! At first, I didn't buy them. Then I couldn't sleep all that night thinking about them. First thing the next morning, I ran back to the sale (scared to death they wouldn't be there). Luckily no one else saw what I saw in them !

Simmering apple butter in an antique copper kettle .

A perfect ending to a perfect day. Sleep well. Tami

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Terry M Scott said...

Great job on the tombstones.
I follow your daughter's blog and she mentions you often.
I'll follow yours too, since you both are so crafty!
Stop by and visit mine if you get a chance.