Have you ever seen such sweet little faces ? Look at those big beautiful brown eyes !Looks can be deceiving. Much to my dismay my little darlings have turned to a life of mischeviousness !
Remember the skeletons that were being held in this cage?They have been turned loose and this innocent little bunny is being held in their place!
Well,maybe the skeletons didn't fare so well after being turned loose!
What is that in my beautiful mums?
One of the perpetrators caught on camera !
Darn old watch dogs !I think they are ready for retirement.
Suspects were later seen at an "outdoor cafe" with the evidence,none the less tied to a tree !
Upon the realization of being discovered they fled the scene driving a John Deere Gator.
Later they turned themselves in for a snack and Papa's lap.As my dad says(their great-grandfather)"Those girls could destroy a Sherman tank !" But hey , what can you do but love them?


Terry M Scott said...

Cute story, I really enjoyed it.

Maddie Lumpkin said...

Terry,I could write a book of the antics of our little angels! Thanks for becoming a follower . Tami

Megan said...

Wonderful blog! Glad you started it!!!!