Autumn Whatchamacallit !

I promise this will be the last pic of my wonderful chicken carriers(at least for a while)! I just keep coming up with more ideas to stick in them. If you happened to notice, one even made a debut at The Rented Cottage Life dressed in a book page wreath a couple post back. Heck, I love these carriers so much I'd use them in place of gift bags for Christmas if I could ! Most women go crazy over diamonds and platinum. Just give me some rusty wire and weathered wood and I'm as happy as a pig in mud ! Well, enough about that ! Tonight I want to share a fall craft idea.I struggled with a name for this post. My mind keeps drawing a blank except for "Fall Balls"! That just doesn't seem appropriate .Hopefully by the end of writing this post I'll think of something!

I started with papermache balls (picked up at a rummage sale for 25 cents), leaves, and good ole' Mod Podge.

Make sure your leaves are still supple. I even used the leaves from Lambs Ear.

Just brush Mod Podge on the back of the leaf (be generous) then over the top. Continue until the ball is full .I will say this is messy!

Voila! A practically free Autumn decoration.
Mod Podge is still a little wet!
I've got it ! The name of this post is Autumn Whatchamacallit !

Sleep Well,

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C'est Magnifique said...

They look great Tami... and I love the chicken carrier too, wish I could find one! You're so sweet to be concerned about me since I hadn't posted in a few days... it seems I kind of go in spurts! I am really busy right now trying to finish up a wedding album scrapbook I've been commissioned to make and trying to pack some stuff in preparation for my move to my new house and purge some stuff... also in preparation for the move! I've decided I have WAAAAY to much stuff!