Mr. Knightly to Meet His Maker

By the time you read this post, Mr.Knightly (seen below) is probably simmering! Yes, he is quite handsome. Definitely not the type of fowl any respectful hen would take home to meet the family. He has no conscience. Turn your back and he will steal your feathers,literally. Just ask the hens whom he has victimized! Can you imagine being plucked almost bald? I only met him the other day and my instincts told me to watch my back,front,sides,well...... everything!


Which leads me to Jody, the sweet lady who tried to love this beastly bird. I know she tried, but he just couldn't be rehabilitated. You know, he was probably just a real bad egg. Anyway, Jody has a really sweet, serene blog. Kind of like a curl up with a good book blog. Stop over and visit her. The curtains are open and the light is always on.
Sleep well dear flock for tonite you are safe.

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Jody said...

Thanks for the smile...enjoyed your observations of Mr. Knightly. I named him Knightly after Jane Austen's hero in Emma...he was no Mr. Knightly. The barnyard was very peaceful this morning :) Thank you also for all your kind words about my blog...you are very gracious.