Royalty They Ain't

 Maddie was disappointed she wasn't invited to the royal wedding! How dare they leave her out! So we went to the store and got Rapunzel cupcakes and fresh flowers to have our own celebration (one of my great ideas)! It was downhill from there!

                                                         Lilly stuck her finger in the frosting!

                                                  It tasted pretty good. But all heck broke loose!

Maddie who was expecting a prim and proper tea party was not the least bit happy with her sister and made it quite clear. She would have hit Lilly with her septor if one had been available. Dumb me,I can't remember where I put the thing!
(Sorry about the photo quality. One cannot focus well in these situations.)

"How dare you sit there with that smile on your face,you fake!"Someone was not about to let this go.Can you guess who?

  "I think I'll just head butt my sister's shoulder." Would you expect less from a proper princess?

Uh OH!

                                                             " Lilly ruined the party."

                                                                         " Sorry,Maddie"

               Though the Royal Tea party was a disaster,the flowers were quite lovely!


Erin said...

Daggone comment got deleted...What I said is that is what little sisters are for! Poor Maddie!

nickys nook said...

two perfect little princesses

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Actually I think the photos are superb.
Two little Angels who look like they are praying.
Acting like normal kids, gotta love it!
I give you an A for being an awesome grandma.