If you have followed me for awhile ,you know about my love of old birdcages. Needing some green in my life ,I made a trip to Lowes for some indoor plants. Where should I plant them? Well, in a birdcage of course! You can stick anything in these babies!

Speaking of birdcages, looks like these chickens are livin the good life! I borrowed this photo from Mary Janes Farm.

    If you have never savored this magazine, you are missing out! This is one cool read. By the way, I did scrub up the old medicine chest today.Trying to decide if I should just paint it white or be a little more creative. Get back with you on that one. Hugs, Tami


Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

I like birdcages, too! The plant look great in your old metal cage!!!

Michaja said...

Birdcages are always so lovely! So is yours!!!

Erin said...

I love the second one most, how cool is that???