Button Glass

My new creation, Button Glass!

I've got the cupboard as far as I can take it without the help of my husband. I need his carpentry skills! With college basketball playoffs this weekend, it just wasn't gonna happen.

So ,I entertained myself with my button stash and Voila, Button Glass! Just some clear glass, buttons,& glue gun. Oh,and a lone vintage earring!

Is moss a sign of Spring?

Maddie sure hopes so! Hope Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods too.~~ Tami


Amy Kinser said...

Love what you did with the buttons. Great way to use them.

Love the little smile on her face! Precious gifts those smiles are, aren't they?

Still thinking and praying...

Chrissie said...

Love your button glass! I am so glad for spring to come!

Michaja said...

What a lovely idee Tami! And yes spring has arrived!

nickys nook said...

cute idea