A Natural Gift & an Update on Ugly

A gift from nature I found in the old barn.One of my favorite things.

              I found these tins at the local antique shop. Love the green,my new favorite color.


Now for an update on the ugly cabinet. This pile of crap is the back of it,on my living room floor.It is not going against a wall ,so it needs to be pretty from behind too! My husband has promised to put the new back on tomorrow. So...Hopefully she will be ready to reveal Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed, Tami


Amy Kinser said...

Hi Tami,

Love that cracker tin. Hope you are doing great!

Vintage Gal said...

Just hang in there wih renos. concentrate on the lovely ~ LOVE the cracker tin ;-)

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

The cracker tin is GREAT! I love green, too!!!

Erin said...

Love those finds, and whoa! That is looking like quite the project!!