Time Goes By

Today,I decided to take my granddaughters out for a ride.We only went about 5 miles up the road to Lock. A tiny town with a 4 way stop and the Lock General Store. The store has been closed for many,many years. Time has not been on her side. She has weathered many winters and through it all, I still find her beautiful. One hundred years from now will people look at the big "chain stores" of today and think them beautiful,even if they are left standing? I am a deeply nostalgic person. It saddens me to think that future generations won't know what real nostalgia is. That's why it is important for me to share these thing with my granddaughters even though they are very young.

Many a gentleman graced the benches of this front porch. A "front porch" on a store! Imagine that today. They probably discussed their crops and livestock as this is a farming community. Up until about 5 or 6 years ago there were still 3 gentlemen sitting there almost every evening as I would pass by on my way home from work. They would always throw up their hands to wave. The occupants of those seats diminished until there was one left and I felt for him sitting all alone. Then the Good Lord called him home to join his friends! Now the benches are always empty.

Still today, I always look over at the benches,maybe just out of habit. I can still clearly see their faces in my mind and sometimes I throw up my hand to wave, just in case.

On a brighter note, Lilly! Maddie is always happy to take a ride. Lilly however has a mind of her own and is quite stubborn. This is the only kid I've never been able to bribe! This explains her outfit(at least no one saw her). I just didn't have in me to battle her over her attire since she was refusing to go anyway! Her entire outfit consisted of ...... Red Santa fleece shirt,pink pajama bottoms, Snow White costume, winter coat, and rain boots! Almost forgot,fairy wings!

Sleep Well,



Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

That store reminds me of the Whistle Stop Cafe from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. Kind of sad if you think about it, where there was once, so much activity, now neglected.

The little one, Lilly, will probably be a fashion designer, she definitely has an eye for color. Her clothes match the colors in her boots.
Have a good night.

C'est Magnifique said...

It is kind of sad to me too when you see things like this and realize that our kids and grandkids aren't going to have any idea... I think that general store is beautiful too!


Michaja said...

Thank you for visting my blog and to leave me such a nice comment!
How recognisable. I have two of your granddaughters eventhough one is a girl and the other one a boy and has only 2 years!!!
Love the pictures you made of the old shop. The banches are soooo beautiful.
Will join you blog!

Lindy said...

There are places not too far from where I live that look just like this. Makes me think I should take my grands for a ride myself. Really nice post!

nickys nook said...

Your granddaughter has the most perfect outfit on to be with you- whatever she wants only a grandmother will allow something this special to happen

sawn48 said...

When the big roads went through many years ago, a lot of the little towns died.It is so sad to see that happen, but Glendale, a small community near me, has built the town back up with all of it's little shops, and it is thriving once again. People come from far and near to eat at the Whistle Stop Restaurant there.There are several little shops along the street with intercoms linked to the restaurant,so they can call your family's name to let you know your table is ready.It's really a neat place to visit if you're ever passing through central Kentucky.