Choir Girls Attack!

Aren't they innocent looking,singing in the church choir?

Hmmm......There were twenty carloers up there.That's strange!

This is very strange .Something just isn't right here!

The perpetrators perhaps? Lilly is that you posing as a paper doll? No, not my little angels.

How on earth did that paper doll get up there?

This isn't a misprint. Just more evidence.Not sure who's DNA is smeared on this mirror.

No way she could be guilty!

Definitely not her!

Perhaps looks are decieving?



nickys nook said...

these are the two cutest girls around no way could they cause any trouble- i never told you thank you so much for the pumpkins they were so lovely sitting on my mantle my only complaint is i wasnt able to display them long before i had to replace them with christmas decor

Tami / Maddie Lumpkin said...

You are welcome!I'm happy you enjoyed them. Too bad you don't live close by I would bring them over to demonstrate for you!HaHa!