Winter Survivor

             Winter came early this year.  Below freezing cold !  I've been dreaming of digging in the warm earth. Opening windows to the wonderful aroma of the Spring air.Sleeping in a bed of line dried sheets.If you have never slept on line dried sheets,you have certainly missed out on a slice of heaven. Imagine my amazement  when I went out in the courtyard only to find this pot of ground cover still green on a seven degree day !

                      I just had to bring it inside! In just a couple of days it has shown signs of growth.
                                                              A much needed gift !

                I wanted to share this wonderful watercolor I purchased for a dollar at a garage sale.
     It makes me wonder about the gentleman who painted it.  The most exciting thing about old things is wondering about the person who created them .


Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Great watercolor...and only $1.00. Wow!

Anonymous said...

We have bamboo in our yard,yes,BAMBOO growing in Michigan...lol, anyway it stays green and gives a sense of hope til spring.

Erin@likegrandmas said...

LOVE that watercolor!! And love your little plant!