Finally Done, Well....Almost !

                                           I finally got it done after screwing up big time !


 The screw up ! My hubby tried to tell me I couldn't paint over polyurethane. I thought the finish was so far gone it wouldn't matter. IT MATTERED. I painted the whole table and distressed it. Then discovered the paint hadn't adhered. It was peeling off. But of course it didn't come off easy. I was out in 28 degree weather trying to get it off. So let this be a lesson to you all. Prep work is very,very important.

                       I still need to stain the legs and poly the top. But wanted to show it to all of you.

 Tried to come up with a quick centerpiece for the pics. I don't really care for either one but I'll figure that     
out later.

  Maddie came to the rescue! Bless her heart. She created her own table scape, including artwork from her and Lilly. How sweet is that!


Amy Kinser said...

Our husbands are so smart.

Table is looking great.

Anonymous said...

We learn from our mistakes...Love the table...& side chairs.

Sherry said...

The table looks great....I like the lighter color! Maddie and her artwork takes the centerpiece award! Too cute!!!

Theresa said...

I did the very same thing to a table I had previously painted, this last summer! The new paint peeled right off! I was so upset and ended up having to strip it...
I too learned a lesson!
The table looks great now and I love those chairs!!

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

The table looks great! I painted my pine dining room table about 4 years ago and didn't prime it so about a year ago the knots started coming through! I had to prime and paint the top all over again last summer.


Verde Farm said...

It looks fabulous! I am the same way about tips like--"you can’t paint over that or it will peel,” somehow I think it will work out my way but it never does. However--your table turned out fabulous :) Maddie did a great job. Thank you for visiting Verde Farm and following us. I am thrilled because now I found you :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Great job...both of you! Happy I could pass on the coke rewars to you. Wish I had known about it years ago. I could have saved some $$$ on my favorite magazines. Enjoy!

nickys nook said...

oh well the process doesn't matter just the beautiful end result(lesson learned) i like how the chairs look with the table you did a great job