I'm Not Here! I'm in Summer!

  Another winter storm is due to hit at any moment. Freezing rain,up to 1/2" of ice,snow,and possibly some thunder tonight. Yes, thunder!  I think all this crummy weather has caused my creative wheels to come to a sudden halt!

Oh, Summer! I will try not to complain of your heat and humidity when you return.. I just want to see your green grass and leaves,your sunny skies, and hear your crickets and birds. I long for flowers and butterflies. I want to spray paint, something,anything! I miss my BFF,Krylon !

                                                          Until then, I will just pretend!

 Dear Blog Friends, I have arrived in Summer! The weather is beautiful! Krylon and I were so overjoyed to see each other we couldn't stop hugging! We have been junk hunting all day.Tonite we are having a picnic by a stream. Nothing fancy,just throwing a vintage tablecloth on the ground and feasting on local strawberries and cheese. Oh, almost forgot artisan bread and fresh squeezed lemonade.Not a single mosquito buzzing! Those darn crickets are so loud, I can't hear myself think.Wish you were here.  Hugs, Tami


Kelly said...

Check out my blog....I left you something!



Michaja said...

Oh yes summer!!!!!