Last Minute Gift Idea and More Favotite Things

 A new favorite! I found this vintage felt card holder in thrift store for only $2.50 ! I have no idea how this shop passes fire codes. There are heaps of stuff and no real organization.You have to walk sideways through most of it. Your first reaction once you are inside is to turn and run, unless you're like me. I can't resist the treasures that may buried in there and I mean BURIED.

 I found this simple gift idea over at  http://theblissfullycontentlife.blogspot.com/  Pocket warmers,that just require some scrap fabric and rice. We made some for Maddie's teachers and neighbors. I recommend you stop over there and see some of Julia's other great but inexpensive ideas.

Sew pockets

Add rice and stitch closed. Pretty easy!!!!


Julia said...

Hi Maddie!

Thanks so much for your sweet comment AND for mentioning me on your lovely blog. I am so glad you liked the hand warmers....aren't they simple? Yours turned out so cute! What a fun project to do with your grand daughter:). Have a wonderful Christmas!


Life in Rehab said...

I keep meaning to do this! Yours are so cute.