A Few of My Favorite Things

 My grandmothers' snowman. Every Christmas she would sit him in her window with a blue light bulb. I'm not sure he was ever meant to be a light, because he is somewhat melted in the back. As a child I couldn't wait for the snowman to come out. If only I could see him lit in the window of that old house again

 My Dads' coloring book.

                                      What sweet pictures! Unlike the coloring books of today.

                     My childhood elf! I'm sure a lot of you had these. Grandma had one for each of her
                       children and grandchildren.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite things!


Anonymous said...

I received your Lovely giveaway gifts today! They are precious~ Thank You!
Merry Christmas

Michaja said...

Yes I did. The Elf I have never seen myself. It's such a cutie!!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

The coloring book is wonderful... what a great thing to have! I love the look of the shelf with all of the vintage items on it. Awesome!